Total 360° Website Review To Identify Vulnerabilities


Fix Vulnerabilities PLUS Powerful, Code Level Security Measures


Full Backups AND Constant Vigilance To Keep WP & Plugins Up-To-Date

360 Degree Security Assessment

360° Security Assessment

An in-depth analysis of every facet of your website.

We identity and fix the weak spots, vulnerable plugins and unsafe practices (like weak passwords) that hackers love to exploit.

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Powerful, Dependable Security

Then we take it one step further. We harden your site at the code level to prevent 99% of hacking attempts before they even get started.

Add in a few other top secret tools and tweaks and your site becomes a veritable Fort Knox, all without impacting your visitors experience (or SEO) in any way. Start Protecting Your Site Today

Powerful Code Level Security
Constant Vigilance

Constant, Worry Free Vigilance

We back up your entire site regularly and keep a close eye on everything.

We keep Wordpress and all your plugins updated at all times, which closes the #1 way hackers target and attack your site. We also track which plugins are the most "hackable" and if one of yours makes the list we will find and setup a safe alternative.

Finally, should the worst happen and your site does goes down we will put in 1.5 hours, at no additional cost, to find the problem and fix it.

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What would happen if your website was hacked or crashed?

How much revenue would you miss due to lost sales? How much would you have to spend to get your site back up and running?

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